If you like speed and are a fan of drifting, safety driving or just like nice, cool cars then you should contact MOM Events, they are located 30 km from Eslöv and offer  combinations with car and conference. Of course, you combine your event or bachelor / bachelorette party with one or more nights at Hotel Stensson. We are happy to give you a quote.

Ljungbyheds racing track

Slipping and much more! Don’t miss the chance to organize the perfect tail sex or bachelorette with a fast-paced experience. We take care of the accommodation and make sure you sleep well and have a good breakfast!


MOM Events
Thulinvägen 23,
264 51 Ljungbyhed
Telefon: 070-530 06 36

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We make sure you arrive at the race track on time and pick you up when it’s time. We either drive you back to the hotel or we arrange to arrive at your new destination. Contact us to find out more about the possibilities of transport.


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The hotel is an old hotel recently renovated. Brand new rooms and several different options for those who want something extra. Make sure you stay with us centrally in Eslöv.

Contact regarding quotation

Contact Henric Blomsterberg with your quotation request. As detailed as you can, we will find out the possibilities and contact you shortly. If you have any other wishes, you are welcome to include that as well.

    Hotel Stensson

    Do you want to know more about what our hotel looks like and how it could be suitable for your bachelor or bachelorette party. Find out more by following the links below. Should you need to borrow spaces, conference rooms or anything else for, contact us and we will go through the possibilities together.

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