Our history

The name Stensson comes from Sten Stensson Stéen, which is an old character that is represented in both theater and film. It was John Wigforss who created the role figure as early as 1902 before an event named Sten Stensson Stéen from Eslöf. In 2018, Henric Blomsterberg took over the hotel property, the hotel was closed down for an extensive renovation and reopened in September 2019.

Our values

Henric’s vision is to manage the hotel’s good names but to fill the costume with a fresh new content that fits the needs and wishes of today’s travelers. The goal is to maintain the family feeling and the home feeling. Henric has a background as a furniture dealer and property developer, a true entrepreneur who likes all kinds of challenges, the combination of past experiences, responsiveness and curiosity hoping Henric will get Hotel Stensson to “flourish”.